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Little Yarra Chardonnay

After a long week at work and in anticipation of my husband cooking something lovely for dinner (yes I'm a very lucky woman - I know) I opened this little surprise from my fridge.  I honestly can't remember where I got it from, but I suspect it might have been from a Vinomofo deal. If you're not on that - check it out - ridiculously good wine deals - and all a good drop - FREE to join.  And if you need more of an incentive use this link and get a $25 credit - you're welcome! Anyway.... back to the matter at hand....

The wine.

It comes from the Yarra Valley (duh!) - Little Yarra Wines.  Now I haven't visited the cellar door so I can't tell you much about the experience but if the photo on the label is indicative of the location - then it's awesome and you should probably go there.  Apparently (according to the back of the label) they have an emphasis on natural farming techniques also.  Not sure what that entails but ok - awesome.  They only make two wines right now - it's a relatively new winery - the Chardonnay I'm drinking and a Pinot Noir.

To the wine...

It smells fresh.  Kind of citrusy and orange blossoms after a rainy day, coming in to spring.  Or something like that.  I might be getting a little carried away as it's raining and on the cold side here today.  But if I close my eyes and smell it - that's what it reminds me of.  Love that smell!

It's a young wine.  It's 2014 so it's early days but that's not a problem. It's clean on the palate and a little tangy.  It's got enough strength and acid that it would stand up well to a spicy dish - fingers crossed that that's what I'm having tonight.  If you've got a new to wine drinker at the table this one could be a good one to give them - it's pretty accessible and a nice introduction to a young chardonnay.

I can't remember what I paid for it but it's around $40 a bottle, but you can probably get a discount in a pack.  Probably a little on the pricier side - but it's a nice drop and I'd drink it again very happily.  In fact I'm going to go top up my glass a little now.



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