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#winewednesday - d'Arenberg The Dry Dam Riesling

In case you haven't noticed I have a thing for Adelaide... well more specifically I have a thing for wineries in the vicinity of Adelaide.  So much so that I have seriously contemplated moving there and reverse commuting to Sydney - but I think I'd never leave.  Anyway enough about Radeliade... I mean Adelaide and on to the wine. Today I'm talking about another winery I love, this one in McLaren Vale - d'Arenberg .  I'm particularly partial to their red's - the Stump Jump Shiraz is a goto fav for Friday night pizza & movies - but today it's all about the riesling.   The Dry Dam Riesling .   There's a nice little story about how it got it's name... something to do with a cursed neighbours dry dam, but I'd rather talk about how it drinks... and smells.  When you first pour it into the glass there is a lot to like in the light colour and scent. There is definitely some floral notes but nothing too heavy, more like a summery flower

Taking a break

It's been a hectic time for me the last month.  I've been in over 5 countries in 4 weeks and am still on the road for work.  While it's fantastic and I love what I do it has been a challenge to keep up with my regular blogging schedule.  So this week I'm being kind to myself and calling a break.  Today there won't be a review of any wine.  There won't be any story of visiting wineries.  There will just be some pictures of some fabulous cocktails I've had the chance to drink over the past month or so.  No recipes, no names, just pictures.... courtesy of me being an addicted instagrammer :-) Cheers Sally

#winewednesday - Annie's Lane Riesling

It's time for another lovely riesling from the riesling trail in the Clare Valley - this time from Annie's Lane .  Annie's Lane is a great little winery and I really love their Shiraz (although that's for a future blog post).  The winery was apparently named after a real person, Annie Wayman, who (so the story goes) got bogged along the boundary of a vineyard as she delivered lunch to the workers in her horse and cart.  Now I can't vouch for the story but it does add to the character of the winery. Now to the wine.  Like many Clare Valley rieslings this one is pale in colour, mostly straw with a hint of green.  The nose has hints of citrus and stone fruit.  And the tast is dry and acidic, with a nice finish.  It's the sort of wine that goes well with the lovely summery day we had today.  Another bonus - it ages pretty well, although they probably don't last at our place more than 1-2 years ;-)  (Did I mention we don't have a lot of self contr

#winewednesday - Langmeil Riesling

I know it's the start of a new month and I should be choosing a new #flavourofthemonth but I can't.  I've only had the chance to write up 2 rieslings in March and I just don't think that's enough - do you?  So I've decided to extend the #flavourofthemonth for April too.   This week, in case you missed the giant photo above I'm talking about Langmeil's Riesling.   Langmeil is another fabulous Barossa winery.  The cellar door is in Tanunda - my favourite town in the Barossa because of the proximity of my favourite wineries.   I'd love to tell you all about the first time I visited the cellar door, but I suspect it was my third or fourth stop on the day so the details are a little hazy ;-)  Anyway on to the wine.  While the cellar door is in Tanunda the grapes from the riesling come from Eden Valley which is cooler than the Barossa Valley's lower regions.  When you first pour the wine into the glass you'll notice that it's ver