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It's almost 2013 and it's time for something new.  This year I'll be introducing some regular features to inspire you to try something new and also to help keep me focused on sharing my sipping stories with you.  Each month I'm going to pick a different flavour... variety of wine... or liquor and write some reviews and perhaps recipes using this key flavour/ingredient.  I'm not sure where this will end up, but the possibilities are exciting. Picking my first flavour (or variety if you like) for January was easy.  January is a month of celebrations.  We say farewell to a year complete, and celebrate the arrival of a new year full of opportunities and possibilities.  In Australia it's summer, so it's hot... sometimes very hot.  I wanted to choose something celebratory but also light and fresh. Something with a bit of sparkle.  Something fun. Something I love.  I couldn't go past it.  The #flavourofthemonth is ...   Well to be more precise