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#winewednesday - Skillogalee Riesling

Riesling.  It's delicious.  It's fresh.  It's crisp.  It's totally under-rated and I'm in love with it.  If you haven't visited Australia's Riesling trail in the Clare Valley , you absolutely should.  It's a wonderful place to discover wines that you may never stumble across in your average bottle shop.  Not only will the cellar doors delight you but the wine will impress. Today I'm talking about another one of those little hidden gem wineries - Skillogalee .  This is another one of those cellar doors that is worth a visit and to stay for a bite to eat.  We first went there on a recommendation from a friend, and have loved every visit since. On to the wine... They have much more than riesling on offer, but as the #flavourofthemonth is riesling what better place to start.  The aroma is definitely floral with lots of citrus - mainly lime.  It's fresh.  It makes you want to breathe it in.  On first sip its crisp.  There is some good mine

#winewednesday - Grosset Polish Hill

Wow I'm very delinquent.  Life caught up with me last week and I didn't get this blog post out like I promised.  I won't make excuses but I will apologise and just say that my day job won last week.  Never fear I did get to indulge in a few lovely wines after hours to celebrate some hard earned wins so it was worth it. On to my review or story of #winewednesday that I promised.  Grosset's Polish Hill. Grosset is another on of my favourite wineries - I know I have a lot don't I?  The think about it I love is that I'd tried a few of their wines before I had the chance to visit the cellar door and had really enjoyed them.  When I visited the cellar door the first time the staff were so much fun (it was a quiet day and we were the only ones there) and so happy that the experience added to my already good impression of the wine and I decided they were the complete package.  As you may have noticed from my blog I enjoy the experience of trying and drinking

#flavourofthemonth - riesling

Ok it's a new month so that means it's time for a new flavour.  I've gone back and forth on this quite a bit and tried quite a few wines in the process... but at long last I've decided that the flavour of the month this month will be riesling. I'm really looking forward to sharing a few of my favourites with you, but first I have to go crack them open and remember to take photos.  Stay tuned next week as I talk about one of my favourites - Grosset's Polish Hill.   Cheers Sally