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#winewednesday - recap

It's time for another #wine wednesday and this time I thought I'd do a little review.  For those of you who have just started following my blog #winewednesday is a new feature I added this year to review a wine a week on a Wednesday.  Part of the my reasoning was that I needed to keep myself accountable to blogging regularly and part of it was to help me shape my blog a little.  Anyway I thought it was time for a little recap of the 8 wines I've reviewed so far this year.  So go grab a cuppa... or better yet a glass of vino and get ready for the flashback. My first #winewednesday post started with one of my favourites - Ruinart Rose.   to read this blog post click here  I blogged about something with an Italian style - who doesn't love Italy. to read this blog post click here  Being a good Aussie girl I had to blog about some of my favourite Aussie bubbles & wineries. to read this blog post click here  It was right about now that I real

#winewednesday - Bethany Rose

Better late than never... it's still Wednesday in the US :-) This week I'm talking about a Rose that I discovered on my last trip to the Barossa in November.  Hubby and I were heading down that way and taking some friends for the first time.  Our flight landed early and we had a little time before our lunch plans to visit another winery so we went to Bethany .  If you haven't visited Bethany you should.  It's situated on the side of a hill on the outskirts of Tanunda in the Barossa and is just stunning.  You could spend quite some time there... and we did (see our tasting wines lined up below). Anyway on to the Rose.   It's actually a Cabernet Franc Rose.  It's a little unusual in that it's made with a the red variety of Cabernet Franc.  The colour is a beautiful pink - not at all pale - more like crushed rasberries.  And the nose is lovely - lots of berries and floral nose.    It's pretty soft to drink, fruity but not sweet, and on the d

#winewednesday - Turkey Flat Rose

I'm so excited to share my favourite Rose with you today.  I've talked about Turkey Flat Winery before and this is just one more reason that I love them.  They have been instrumental in helping Rose's make a splash on the summer wine lists of many in Australia. This beautiful salmon pink rose is made up of a blend of Grenache, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Dolcetto.  It smells like berries - lots of strawberry.  The palette is fresh and fruity - berry fruity (see what I did there?) but without being sweet.  Served chilled on a hot summers day you could sip it forever.  It never surprises me when we go through 3 or 4 bottles at a BBQ.  It's just so easy to drink.  James Halliday rates it a 94 (if you need more convincing on how good it is).  And the best bit... well if you pick it up at the cellar door it's just $18 a bottle - BARGAIN.   A few years ago they released it as a magnum.  Same cool bottle - just on steriods it was so big.  We bought 4 and

#winewednesday - Coriole Sangiovese Rose

This month I'm talking about rose.  I never really liked rose when I first tried it many years ago in Australia.  The first few I tried were very sweet and had too much honey and fruit for my liking.  However times have changed and in summer I'm loving the drier styles that we've seen develop in more recent years. On a recent trip to Adelaide we had lunch at Coriole  in McLaren Vale.  If you haven't visited the cellar door it's definitely worth it.  The location is fantastic and the gardens surrounding the building are beautiful.  Ring ahead to book a table if you want to stay for lunch though - it fills up fast.  Lunch is a regional platter to share and is delightful.  It was on this lunch visit that I most recently had their Rose and took the photo above. Ok on to the wine... now this is from memory and some notes on my phone as I didn't have a bottle here with me to crack open. The colour was very pale berries, like a pressed strawberry.  The no

#flavourofthemonth - Rose

It's February and that means it's time for a new #flavourofthemonth.  As February is the month of roses, chocolate, love and valentines day I've decide to make it the month or Rose.   I don't know about you but I've been enjoying some fantastic Rose's this summer and I can't wait to share a few of them here with you.  Check back tomorrow on #winewednesday for my first Rose review. Cheers Sally