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Something special

It was hubby's birthday last week.  As it was a significant one we had several special events planned - family dinners, party with friends, and a birthday meal at home that puts most meals we have to shame. Sunday night in our household is usually roast night.  Not just any old roast mind you, a standing roast, crusted in pepper, with fresh home cut sweet potato chips (standard spuds for the boy) and steamed greens.  We typically have a pretty decent red open and drink a glass or two of wine.  It's preparation for the week - fortifying our spirits as it were.  Last night however was a little different.   Sure we had all the standard fare.  Standing roast - check.  Home cut chips - check.  Good bottle of red wine - check... no wait a minute... make that an exceptional bottle of red wine.   Yes you guessed it.  Last night we cracked open a bottle from the wine fridge.  We broke open the reserves.  We opened.... a Grange!  Yep you read that right... a Penfolds Grange .  A 199