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Surprises are fun!

On Wednesday night I had a surprise.  Hubby and I carpool and drive in to work.  We start pretty early in the morning so we can leave before the worst of peak hour really takes hold.  On Wednesday afternoon he arrived at my office and informed me that the traffic was 'banked up for miles' due to the rain.  (Don't get me started on the driving habits of Sydney-siders in the rain... Unless you have a bottle of wine for the rant!!!)  Making the most of the opportunity we decided to grab a quick bite to eat in the city and wait out the worst of the traffic. This lead to a delightful dinner with another colleague, a delightful steak, and a lovely surprise bottle of wine.  I must admit I've had this one before, but the thing that made it so nice was that I wasn't expecting dinner out.  In fact I was expecting to have to cook.  I wasn't expecting to have wine.  In fact I was expecting to go for a run.  I wasn't expecting delightful company - other than my husban

A new love

I love love.  I love the feeling you get when you are falling in love and you know it has the potential to be something special, you just don't know how special.  I remember when I first started falling in love with my husband.  The butterflies in my stomach.  The excitement from every phone call and text message.  I knew it was going to be big, but I didn't know how big. That's how I feel when I first discover a new wine that I love.  Especially when I'm not expecting it.  When I'm not looking for it.  When it just appears, as if by magic, or fate.  Destiny perhaps.  That's how I feel about my latest discovery.  It wasn't something I picked.  It wasn't something I expected to like.  But I think I might have fallen in love. On Friday I had the opportunity to take a seaplane to Berrowra Waters Inn for lunch. Pics from the flight up and arriving at Berrowra Waters Inn There we were treated to a fantastic degustation menu with matching wines.

Discovering Jenke

As I mentioned in my first post, this is a blog about wines I try and the story of their discovery - not a blog about tasting notes.  As we're making our way through one of our wine racks at the home I'm finding that each bottle we open has great memories attached to it.  Memories that are about more that the wine.  Memories that involve people and experiences that I've enjoyed, and in some cases cherished.  My discovery of this Jenke Chardonnay is one of those stories, and it wasn't really my discovery at all. We'd headed down for a long weekend in the Barossa Valley and were taking some friends of ours along for their first time.  We spent our first day at a long lunch at one of my favourite wineries in the world ( Rockford Wines ), followed by a slow and lazy dinner at our cottage (with more wine of course!).  The next day after visiting the Barossa Farmer's Markets for coffee and pastries we set off to visit our usual destinations - Charles

Yep.... it's time for another blog

The trouble with the holiday period is that I get time to stop and think.  I get to hang out with family and friends.  I eat too much.  I drink too much.  And I generally let go of the year that's been.  It's great.  I relax and unwind.  My body and mind take a little rest. And then suddenly it's over.  I wake up one morning and realize that I'm done with relaxing.  A new year is spread out before me and I need a new challenge. A new mountain to climb.  A new goal to aim for.  A new experience to challenge myself with.  I get excited and I plan.  I start lists.  I ponder.  I drive my husband nuts with the 'what do you want to do this year?' questions.  Quickly followed by 'What else?' So here I am again.  Over committed.  Excited.  Daunted.  And a little confused.  Why another blog?  Do I really need to do this?  Is there a purpose to it all? Ok I'll stop for a minute and have a sip of wine before I continue (this is a blog about wine - among othe