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A new love

I love love.  I love the feeling you get when you are falling in love and you know it has the potential to be something special, you just don't know how special.  I remember when I first started falling in love with my husband.  The butterflies in my stomach.  The excitement from every phone call and text message.  I knew it was going to be big, but I didn't know how big.

That's how I feel when I first discover a new wine that I love.  Especially when I'm not expecting it.  When I'm not looking for it.  When it just appears, as if by magic, or fate.  Destiny perhaps.  That's how I feel about my latest discovery.  It wasn't something I picked.  It wasn't something I expected to like.  But I think I might have fallen in love.

On Friday I had the opportunity to take a seaplane to Berrowra Waters Inn for lunch.

Pics from the flight up and arriving at Berrowra Waters Inn

There we were treated to a fantastic degustation menu with matching wines.

The food - yumm!
The wine!
It was a fantastic meal, and the wine parings were lovely, but there was one stand out of the day.  The delightful Nivole Moscato D'Asti from Michele Chiarlo .  I'm not usually into desert wines, but I have finally found one I love.  Slightly sweet, but refreshing.  Light, with a little bit of bubbles. This wine was beautifully paired with fresh, cherries, raspberries and cherry sorbet.  I am in love.  It's made me want to go out and buy a barrel full of berries, and a case of this delightful drink.  I think I'll have to buy some and try it with my hazelnut meringue with fresh berries and vanilla cream.  Time to plan another dinner party!

My new love.




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