April 17, 2012

bubbles of joy

When I first thought of starting this blog it was around New Years Eve and I was celebrating with loved ones, the beach and bubbly.

The champagne was Ruinart - the Rose.  It has a hint of pink colour.  Is dry with a touch of berry.  And is all too easy to drink.  It was love at first sip for me, and I've shared my addiction with many of by girl friends since.  (Yes I'm a self-confessed champagne pusher!)

But this is not a blog post about how good the champagne is - you can try that for yourself.  You see I think the thing about wine, champagne, cocktails (all beverages) that makes them interesting is the experience of drinking them.  Finding out the story behind the discovery of the favourite drink.  Uncovering the passion.  Discovering the origin of the lust.

For  me the story of my love for Ruinart started in France.  In Avignon to be exact.  On holiday with my husband we had the opportunity to go wine tasting in the Chateauneuf-du-Pape region with an retired sommelier.  He was a charming man with a penchant for using the phrase - 'hello, let me tell you' - before almost every sentence.  He was delightfully vintage, delightfully charming, delightfully witty and delightfully in possession of an extremely strong French accent.  I was charmed.

In our wanderings and tastings we asked him for tips on where to go when in Rheims as we would be visiting in a few days.  After a pause and the required 'hello, let me tell you' he said 'let me tell you, my favourite champagne is Ruinart. Let me tell you you must try it.'  As he'd been steering us to fantastic wine all day I couldn't wait to follow up on this recommendation and try it.  Thankfully I didn't have to wait long.  We arrived in Paris the next day and wondered past the Galeries Lafayette late in the day.  Being in Paris we decided the right thing to do would be to visit the champagne bar inside before shopping.  The champagnes on offer were all the standards until you reached the Rose where right after the Moet was listed the Ruinart Rose.  It was like fate, or destiny was telling me something.  I simply had to try it.  As much as I try to write down what that first sip was like, I really can't capture it in words.  Needless to say this has become an expensive and obsessive love affair which I hope will never run out of steam.

May it always endure, and bring joy and bubbles to all I am lucky enough to share it with.


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