July 9, 2012

Something special

It was hubby's birthday last week.  As it was a significant one we had several special events planned - family dinners, party with friends, and a birthday meal at home that puts most meals we have to shame.

Sunday night in our household is usually roast night.  Not just any old roast mind you, a standing roast, crusted in pepper, with fresh home cut sweet potato chips (standard spuds for the boy) and steamed greens.  We typically have a pretty decent red open and drink a glass or two of wine.  It's preparation for the week - fortifying our spirits as it were.  Last night however was a little different.  Sure we had all the standard fare.  Standing roast - check.  Home cut chips - check.  Good bottle of red wine - check... no wait a minute... make that an exceptional bottle of red wine.  

Yes you guessed it.  Last night we cracked open a bottle from the wine fridge.  We broke open the reserves.  We opened.... a Grange!  Yep you read that right... a Penfolds Grange.  A 1991 to be exact.  Don't believe me?  Well here's a pic.

The question I'm sure you're all dying to ask is... "How was it?"

Well... in the words of my hubby... it was "superb".  It was exceptionally smooth.  Very velvety.  Very balanced.  Great bouquet which opened up after decanting for a decent amount of time.  For a shiraz it was quite light but a good match with the standing roast hubby cooked to perfection last night.  Biggest problem - it was all to easy to drink!

Now if you want to get your hands on this be prepared to pay.  A quick Google search shows you can get your hands on a bottle for somewhere between $550 - $750.  



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