January 30, 2013

#winewednesday - Rockford Black Shiraz

I'm so excited to finish of this #flavourofthemonth series talking about my favourite bubbly drop from Australia - Rockford's Black Shiraz. I've talked about Rockford before, and undoubtedly I will again. It's one of my favourite wineries in the Barossa. It's picturesque, the staff are friendly and know their stuff and most importantly they wine is outstanding.  

I can't remember the first time I tried the black shiraz. It seems like I've loved it forever. I can however relive the experience every time I introduce someone to it for the first time - particularly if they've never had a sparkling shiraz before. Each and every time I've share this wine with someone they have fallen in love. I'm regularly implored by my friends overseas to bring a bottle with me when I travel... sometimes it's the first thing they say. "Oh that's great you're coming.. could you bring the Black Shiraz?"

So to the wine itself. Well it's fruity and full on the nose with some oaky notes as well. It's the colour of deep plum in the glass and just looks delightful. (Sadly I never remember to take photos as I'm too busy enjoying.) It's very smooth, and while there are berry flavours it's not at all sweet. The taste lingers pleasantly in the mouth after the first sip, only making you want more. It's a unique wine that is made with care, and can be hard to get your hands on. If you do come across it I highly recommend grabbing as much as you can. As for me... well I take my allotment every year - and no there isn't enough to share!



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