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#winewednesday - Coriole Sangiovese Rose

This month I'm talking about rose.  I never really liked rose when I first tried it many years ago in Australia.  The first few I tried were very sweet and had too much honey and fruit for my liking.  However times have changed and in summer I'm loving the drier styles that we've seen develop in more recent years.

On a recent trip to Adelaide we had lunch at Coriole in McLaren Vale.  If you haven't visited the cellar door it's definitely worth it.  The location is fantastic and the gardens surrounding the building are beautiful.  Ring ahead to book a table if you want to stay for lunch though - it fills up fast.  Lunch is a regional platter to share and is delightful.  It was on this lunch visit that I most recently had their Rose and took the photo above.

Ok on to the wine... now this is from memory and some notes on my phone as I didn't have a bottle here with me to crack open. The colour was very pale berries, like a pressed strawberry.  The nose was flowery with some rose notes.  It was dry with a bit of acid, but refreshing.  Ok further admission we'd done 3 other tastings by the time we arrived at Coriole so at this point I don't think I was able to be a fantastic judge.

What I will commit to is that it a delightful place to visit.  Go for lunch. Try the rose if it's summer.  If it's winter... well they have no shortage of big bold reds you can sip.




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