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#winewednesday - Skillogalee Riesling

Riesling.  It's delicious.  It's fresh.  It's crisp.  It's totally under-rated and I'm in love with it.  If you haven't visited Australia's Riesling trail in the Clare Valley, you absolutely should.  It's a wonderful place to discover wines that you may never stumble across in your average bottle shop.  Not only will the cellar doors delight you but the wine will impress.

Today I'm talking about another one of those little hidden gem wineries - Skillogalee.  This is another one of those cellar doors that is worth a visit and to stay for a bite to eat.  We first went there on a recommendation from a friend, and have loved every visit since.

On to the wine... They have much more than riesling on offer, but as the #flavourofthemonth is riesling what better place to start.  The aroma is definitely floral with lots of citrus - mainly lime.  It's fresh.  It makes you want to breathe it in.  On first sip its crisp.  There is some good minerality and lots of citrus flavour.  Acidic its quite dry to taste and pairs really easily with seafood & lighter asian dishes.  I personally like the challenge of spice against the acidity.  It's a nice balance.  Apparently it can cellar well.... however it's unlikely that it would ever last that long in my house.  And at only $23 per bottle it's a bargain.  If you haven't really gotten into rieslings this is a great one to introduce you to how fabulous and accessible they can be.




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