April 10, 2013

#winewednesday - Annie's Lane Riesling

It's time for another lovely riesling from the riesling trail in the Clare Valley - this time from Annie's Lane.  Annie's Lane is a great little winery and I really love their Shiraz (although that's for a future blog post).  The winery was apparently named after a real person, Annie Wayman, who (so the story goes) got bogged along the boundary of a vineyard as she delivered lunch to the workers in her horse and cart.  Now I can't vouch for the story but it does add to the character of the winery.

Now to the wine.  Like many Clare Valley rieslings this one is pale in colour, mostly straw with a hint of green.  The nose has hints of citrus and stone fruit.  And the tast is dry and acidic, with a nice finish.  It's the sort of wine that goes well with the lovely summery day we had today.  Another bonus - it ages pretty well, although they probably don't last at our place more than 1-2 years ;-)  (Did I mention we don't have a lot of self control?)

Depending on the vintage and time of year you can often pick up this wine at under the recommended price ($20) at around $15 or so - so it means it's definitely in the every day drinking category.  



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