April 24, 2013

#winewednesday - d'Arenberg The Dry Dam Riesling

In case you haven't noticed I have a thing for Adelaide... well more specifically I have a thing for wineries in the vicinity of Adelaide.  So much so that I have seriously contemplated moving there and reverse commuting to Sydney - but I think I'd never leave.  Anyway enough about Radeliade... I mean Adelaide and on to the wine.

Today I'm talking about another winery I love, this one in McLaren Vale - d'Arenberg.  I'm particularly partial to their red's - the Stump Jump Shiraz is a goto fav for Friday night pizza & movies - but today it's all about the riesling.  The Dry Dam Riesling.  

There's a nice little story about how it got it's name... something to do with a cursed neighbours dry dam, but I'd rather talk about how it drinks... and smells.  When you first pour it into the glass there is a lot to like in the light colour and scent. There is definitely some floral notes but nothing too heavy, more like a summery flower with hints of citrus.  It's pretty fresh to taste.  There's a lot of citrus, mostly lime, to taste, but plenty of acidity.  I wouldn't say it's fruit forward, but you can taste the sweetness without being overwhelmed by it.  It's a great little wine that I think will develop nicely and tone down it's citrus if you are able to lay it down for a bit.  Personally I'd grab it on a day the weather is great and sit down in a shady spot under the tree with a good book and drink the lot.  At around $17 a bottle that would definitely be an afternoon well spent.



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