May 8, 2013

#winewednesday - The Lane Chardonnay - Block 3

The Lane Vineyard is one of my favourite places to visit in the Adelaide Hills.  We usually start the day off doing a tasting nearby and make our way there for lunch and tasting.  Pro tip... if you want to go for lunch make sure you book - it's always full.  Situated on it's only little hill and valley the views from the deck are stunning.  Last time we were there for lunch there was a large party out on the balcony for a pre-wedding celebration and they definitely had the prime location to relax over several bottles of wine in the afternoon.  

The thing I love about this Chardonnay is that it's a great classic example of what a modern Chardonnay is all about.  There are no buttery, oaky flavours here.  And it's not that horrendous yellow tone that so many Chardonnays in the 80's were either.  No.  This wine is a beautiful pale straw colour. The nose is like the fresh orange blossoms outside my house, with a hint of stone fruit.  When you sip it you'll be pleasantly surprised by the fact that even though it's fruit forward, it's not overwhelming.  There's lots of citrus and great minerality.  There's a little creaminess on the finish, but nothing to heavy.  It's a great wine wine when want something a little more meaty for dinner.  We drank it with mini Thai style chicken breasts the other night - and it went down a treat.  At around $25 a bottle its a great wine to have on the rack.  In fact there is only one problem with this wine... it comes from a winery where I like way too many of their wines and I end up spending too much money!  Good problem to have for them... not so much for my bank balance ;-)



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