May 22, 2013

#winewednesday - Vasse Felix Chardonnay

Today I'm moving out of South Australian Wines and sharing one from Western Australia - the Vasse Felix Chardonnay.  Sadly I don't have an awesome story to tell from a visit to the cellar door as I'm yet to go there in person, however I think I've tried almost every wine they make.  So that makes me a connoisseur right?  Ok I know I'm hardly that.  I just know what I like and why I like it.  And I also know that my tastes have changed a lot over time, and I'm glad for that.  It means I'm always falling in love with new wines... anyway enough rambling.  Anyone would think I've had a glass or two before sitting down in front of my keyboard.

To the wine!

The colour is a delightful yellow - not too strong, but definitely not weak and pale.  To smell you'll get some hints of fruit - but nothing too strong, and a touch of oak.  The taste is lovely.  Some complexity without being overwhelming.  A bit of fruit, but there isn't any overbearing quality here.  It blends well with a little oak in the background.  It's a nice fresh style, lots of acid that goes well with something spicy.

The thing about Vasse Felix wines is that they are consistent year on year.  When you buy a bottle you know what you are getting.  And in the case of the Chardonnay the price is right at around $20 a bottle.  If you try the white and enjoy I strongly recommend giving a few of their red's a go too.



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