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ga ga for Gewurztraminer

Trying to think up a good name for this blog post had me stumped.  I can't remember the first time I discovered Henschke wines, or the first time I tried a Joseph Hill Gewurztraminer.  All I can tell you is I have a teeny tiny crush on their wines... all of them... every last one.

The thing about this particular wine is it's very easy to drink.  Take last Saturday night for example.  Hubby and I being too lazy to cook, decided to head out to our local Thai restaurant for a bite to eat.  Now our local Thai restaurant is pretty damn spectacular.  They make the food spicy and it's full of the freshest of fresh ingredients.  They have a pretty loyal following - and really look after you.  In fact they know me so well they even bring me extra fresh cut chili (I like it hot!)  The salmon Som Tum salad is delicious, and the scallops are to die for.  We grabbed this bottle out of the fridge (without looking) and headed out with a neighbor for a quick bit to eat.

I don't think we've taken a Gewurztraminer to Thai Spice before.  Our go to is usually a Clare Valley Reisling.  However this didn't disappoint at all.  In fact it was a wonderful pairing.  Very light in colour - almost straw - this wine had a very crisp nose, apparently with a hint of lychee according to Henschke .  It was quite crisp on the palate, fresh almost, some minerality and a clean finish.  We'd completely finished the bottle by the time we'd finished the Som Tum salad and scallops we'd ordered to start.  (Did I mention how good the scallops are?)  Anyway the realisation I had on Saturday was that I need more Gewurztraminer in my fridge this summer.  I want that crisp, clean taste on a hot afternoon to pair with some chili prawns cooked on the BBQ.  I want to eat spicy crab and salads under the late afternoon sun and sip on this as I head into the weekends.  I want to challenge my guests to say Gewurztraminer three times fast after they've helped me finished a bottle.  In fact I want to challenge them to say it three time fast before they even take a sip ;-)

Do yourself a favour and pick up a bottle or two for summer.  You won't be disappointed.



PS (Don't tell anyone but I can barely say Gewurztraminer at the best of times any way ;-)


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