January 13, 2013


Last week I showed you may champagne cupcakes.  For the eagle-eyed among you you may have noticed a glass of bubbly there with some berries that didn't rate a mention at the time.  Oh you don't remember... here's a reminder.

See that glass in the right-hand corner?  That's the one I'm talking about.  Well there's a little story behind it.  You see the champagne butter frosting I made for the cupcakes was sweet... very sweet... delicious but sweet.  I originally served it with a glass of straight bubbly but the contrast between quite dry bubbles and the sweet frosting was just a little too much.  Thankfully I remembered I had a host of frozen berries in the freezer and a little crushed berries in the fridge.  It was easy to remedy my pairing by adding a little of the berry syrup to the champagne flute and a few berries and top it off with bubbly. Just enough sweet to pair with the cupcakes without being too sweet.  Yay!

Not truly a champagne cocktail, but a great way to enjoy the cupcakes and enhance the bubbly :-)



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