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#winewednesday - recap

It's time for another #wine wednesday and this time I thought I'd do a little review.  For those of you who have just started following my blog #winewednesday is a new feature I added this year to review a wine a week on a Wednesday.  Part of the my reasoning was that I needed to keep myself accountable to blogging regularly and part of it was to help me shape my blog a little.  Anyway I thought it was time for a little recap of the 8 wines I've reviewed so far this year.  So go grab a cuppa... or better yet a glass of vino and get ready for the flashback.

My first #winewednesday post started with one of my favourites - Ruinart Rose.  
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 I blogged about something with an Italian style - who doesn't love Italy.

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 Being a good Aussie girl I had to blog about some of my favourite Aussie bubbles & wineries.

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 It was right about now that I realised the benefits of choosing bubbles as my #flavourofthemonth in a 5 week month, when I reviewed another knockout Aussie bubbly.

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 And for the last bubbly post... one of my all time favourites - the Rockford Black Shiraz.

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 Sadly January ended all too soon.

And I moved on to a new #flavourofthemonth - Rose.  The hot weather has been perfect for this and I kicked off talking about a wonderful experience visiting Coriole vineyards.  

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 I couldn't resist coming back and reviewing another wine from Turkey Flat - their Rose is just so drinkable :-)

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And finally last week I reviewed another Aussie rose from Bethany.

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So that's it... it's been a fun ride so far and I'm enjoying the accountability of blogging about wines each week - it's a wonderful excuse to drink them.  The challenge I have is picking one type of wine to review over the month.  After all there are so many to choose from.  To that end... I'd love your help.  Leave a comment with your suggestions.  Is there a wine I should try?  Is there something I should do differently.  Let me know. I'd love to hear from you.




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