January 2, 2013


On Monday I announced the #flavourofthemonth for January was bubbles... or more accurately Champagne & sparkling wine.  Each Wednesday I'll be sharing with you a little bit about some of the bubbly wines I love and why I love them.  With so many to choose from you think it would be hard to know where to start, but in this case it was easy - start with an old favourite - Ruinart Rose.

I've shared the story of how I was introduced to Ruinart before so I'll try not to repeat myself too much here, rather I'll get straight to describing the Rose.  

The first thing that I love about this champagne is the gorgeous bottle and box it comes in.  Ok I know packaging doesn't really matter, but I must say my heart flutters when I open a gift and see the tell tale salmon pink box :-)  Once the cork is popped and you pour a glass you'll see the colour is reflected in the glass.  It's a subtle pink colour.  Blush is a term that comes to mind, but makes me sound pretentious so I'd rather say it's a gorgeous pale pink that would make you rich if you could capture it as a nail polish colour.  (Sounds strange but it's that dream colour that would look amazing on everyone).  

The first time I smelt the champagne I can't remember.  In my defense I was parched, shopping with crowds in Paris, and it was like a little bit of heaven offered up on a silver tray.  I didn't stop to analyze I just dived in.  Thankfully though I've had quite a few occasions since to consume at a more leisurely pace and love the fragrant berry notes.  There's also some floral notes... some say hibiscus but I just know it makes me close my eyes and sigh happily that it's in my hand.

It looks like it would be a sweet champagne, but it's not.  There is much of the creamy taste that the Blanc de Blanc is known for, with just a hint sweetness at the start.  The finish is crisp and dry and it's definitely my favourite way to kick off a meal.  

At around $99 a bottle in Australia it's not the cheapest champagne out there - not the most expensive either.  But in my humble opinion it's the perfect way to treat yourself and loved ones - Don't wait to until a special occasion though.  Opening a bottle of the Rose any night of the week will make it special.

Ruinart Rose is 55% Pinot Noir and 45% Chardonnay.
Download the winemakers tasting notes here.


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